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Tony Topping in Glastonbury on 24/03/14

 Tony Topping 3

 Tony Topping presents..

Bock Saga
Tony Topping well known radio presenter & specialist in matters high strange travels into the realms of ancient knowledge from a period of history known as Paradise Time, Tony tells the story known as The Bock Saga, an incredible Sa-Ga laid down for generations that the origin of man began in Scandinavia. Powered by a sacred ring of power whose theme reflects across history.

A well known and respected Finnish historian, Ior (pronounced EE-OR) Bock was born on the 17th January 1942. His father, Knut Victor Böxstrom, died on 11th May 1942.

According to Ior, the Sa-Ga is based largely on the teaching of sounds, which must be heard and experienced and has therefore been passed down orally from generation to generation.

From that time only three of the Bock family remained, Ior, his mother Rhea, and his sister Rachel.

From the age of seven, Rhea and Rachel had Ior sit with them every day to listen and learn the family tradition of the Bock Sa-Ga. Ior was not allowed to ask questions through these sessions as it is considered that by listening one learns more.   Follow Tony on a spectacular journey as we discover the Bock Saga & its place in a world set against the backdrop of esoteric secret societies who would not wish this knowledge to be conveyed, DNA, The Toltec Tradition & how the Saga relates to The Lord of the Rings, as well as other esoteric practices.

Upstairs at the King Arthur

31-33 Benedict St

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