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RE LAUNCH EVENT – Where do we go from here? in Glastonbury on 11/11/14


Are you the black sheep of your family?

Meeting Tuesday 11th November at The King Arthur

We will start as close to 7pm as possible.

Go on admit it, you know who you are! This group is for you.


After Sandi has formally handed over to me Brian there will be a straight talking fairly controversial talk/slide show presentation about  a whole bunch of topics associated with Glastonbury including

the power of the Tor

boring people

square pegs in round holes


9/11 and all that

networking and the benefits 

lectures that ‘promise much and deliver little’ 

a new ‘take’ on spiritual development (is that possible?)

So why did you land here?

Your parents do not understand you, you are different from your siblings and you have largely turned your back on normality and conventional employment. Let’s have a look at why, and enjoy the ride.

Discussions and talks

we shall be discussing the relevance of formal talks by expert speakers. There are many formulae for passing an evening together only one of which is the formal talk. The freedom expressed by Truth Juice  encourages us to explore and experiment with new ideas.

Brian Snellgrove the new coordinator

C’est moi. I’ve had over 40 years experience in networking, giving lectures, attending courses boring and otherwise, giving counselling on relationships and offering chakra healing sessions.

I was betrothed to my wife Francoise at Chalice Well. We make a point of taking part in all the seasonal celebrations there.

love and hugs

Brian and Francoise

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