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TruthJuice Glastonbury – what we’re about…

TruthJuice Glastonbury is a regular event, with the aim of the reunification of all philosophies to “re-educate” with the necessary information for higher consciousness, integrity & truth to understand “why” life on earth is this way today.

We are here on purpose – loving what we are doing for the benefit of all. Our mission statement is to bring in Light, Love, Healing, Truth, Education in order to bring about Balance, Freedom, Liberation to all.

Our aim is to reach out to as many people as possible and empower them with the truth and true knowledge of who they are and realise their potential.

We are about giving alternatives and solutions to enable people to make positive, responsible and well informed choices that will result in enhancing growth, vitality, productivity to our own community and then grow it, throughout UK and beyond.

If you feel that you resonate with wanting to align yourself with the truth relating to everyday life around us, then this venue is for you.

We will share our knowledge, information and wisdom concerning health, spirituality, sovereignty and healing and so much more.

We are inviting you to come together in unity to make this community in Glastonbury another piece of the jigsaw to fit in and support other communities in the TruthJuice network.

The King Arthur Pub

31-33 Benedict St




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Our Truth Channels page contains links to recent videos of previous talks.

if you wish to get a feel for what we are about,

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If you have any ideas for speakers or would like further information please email us at

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